JETTENDER 250 - Worlds lightest jet powered boat

Worlds lightest jet powered boat, rigid inflatable Yacht tender boat with inboard engine and jet propulsion Steering by joystick.

- world lightest

- small outside

- big inside

- maneuverable

- nimble

- practical

- economic​

- hand/custom made in EU

- unique design protected



Idea is to make really light and practical jet tender boat. Why? Because, strangely?, there is no such product on the  market. All available Jet tenders are simply to big, to heavy - more than 290 kg, unpractical and expensive. Our goal is to make Jet tender which will be possible to handle on smaller yachts and sailboards which do not have lifting equipment, where storage have limited space or transom platform is not suitable for big and heavy boats. We believe that​​ there is no need for strong engine. Big engine is heavy, uneconomical, require to much space and in fact you can not exploit all power.

Thanks to small engine and joystick steering we could remove bulky steering console. Our concept have more inside space for passengers and cargo than much bigger boats. We managed to incorporate two covered storrages and one on aft side is very big. Slim line design without any element which protrude allow that our JetTENDER can be placed in front of sailboat mast or in tight storage.

We made our goal ( and much more ) Our JetTENDER is lightest jet powered tender boat - 96 kg, with small outside dimensions - 2,5 meter  ( but with plenty space for 4 or more passengers and cargo) ,with large payload, which is reasonable fast - 17,8 knots ( 33 km/h) with one person. Without  compromise regarding quality and finally appearance we managed to keep all cost  reasonable, therefore we can offer lowest priced Jet tender boat.


We select the best materials for our boats: either in PVC or in Hypalon, we use the best fabrics available in the market. PVC fabrics are Valmex® from Mehler Texnologies in Germany. Valmex® boat fabrics are wear and abrasion resistant, UV and weather resistant, insensitive to high temperature conditions and dirt repellent. Hypalon fabrics are ORCA® from Pennel & Flipo in France. ORCA® fabrics are considered as the best inflatable boat fabrics. Very tough, UV and hydrocarbon resistant, ORCA® is the best option for frequently used boats and a must in tropical areas.

For seats we use best possible - Sunbrela marine fabrics.



Simple, well known and reliable. The GY6 engine was originally developed by Honda for use in its motor scooters.

Engine is modified for watercraft usage (  marinised )  by AQUANAMI L.L.C. USA

Engine have closed loop cooling system - sea water do not enter inside engine.

Technical Data

L.O.A. : 2,49 m

Beam max: 1,62

Draft: 0,12 m – 0,22 m

Minimum height for storage: 0.52 m

Maximum height at bow: 0,62 m (with tubes fully inflated)

Dry weight: 98 Kg- Hypalon tubes, 93 kg PVC tubes

Air chambers: 2

Tube diameter 0,36 m

Passengers capacity (CE): 3,  but we tested it with 6 persons for short ride

Design category (CE): C

Power: 9,5 HP

Propulsion system: water-jet unit

Fuel capacity: 8 l

Max fuel consumption: 3,5 l/h

Max payload ( CE ): 240 Kg, but we tested it with 6 persons for short ride

Top speed: 17,8 knots/ 33 km/h - with one person

Standard Features

 Hand made - custom color hull and tubes ( HYPALON )

Rear and front semi-dry storage

Sealed foam upholstered seating

Sports boat hull shape

Piped deck drains

LCD Gauge with digital RPM,Hour-meter, Fuel, Battery, Temperature

Joystick Throttle/Shift Control

Real Teak deck

Neoprene/Fabric grab handle

Anti skid pads

Exthaust flushing attachment

Closed loop cooling system

4 stroke low noise engine

Bow u bolt

Lifting Pad-Eyes

Foldable rear cleat

Two rear tie down points

Automatic/Manual bilge pump

Fitted fuel tank (8 liters)

Foot pump

Hand-made inflatable tube with rubstrake and grab handles (4)



any tender boat need maintenance  and sometimes need to be repaired. Therefore is important that mechanic components  are simple and reliable, so any mechanic ( not just specialized ) can fix it.

Also is important that parts are available even on remote locations.

This is reason why our base engine is “borrowed” from road scooter.

Similar engine is used on many scooters and ATV vehicle produced in  Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China and Italy. This ensure that any skilled mechanic ( not only from marine industry ) can help you and there is high possibility that he already have some parts on the shelf.

OSEANUS imports these  AQUANAMI Jettenders to Portugal we offer comprehensive service, storage and owner support, the delivery and commissioning warranty.

References are available upon request.

AQUANAMI Jettenders an elegant ultra low emission Jet tender to all weather, exciting, innovative, modern, fascinating and functional pleasing Support Yacht Tender.

To request information or answer your questions, please contact us through our privacy protected contact page by phone or email for additional information:

+44 7860 915870

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