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It’s the evolution and revolution Comar’s product range. The Comet Cat is thought to be revolutionary in the world of catamarans giving the cruise multi hulls the features of a fast oceanic cruiser. Aiming to sailaround the world at a speed until now unthinkable for a mass produced cruise catamaran in a safe and comfortable way and easy to handle the shipyard has cooperated with Marc Lombard, well known designer of multihulls.

Comar, with the CometCat 37, enters the world of multihulls following a precise concept develo- ped on five main pillars: attention to the appearance of the design, which leads back to the lines of the RS; performance, having a notable speed for a multihull cruiser; easy to handle, thanks to the deck fittings, a sensitive rudder, easy sail handling; extremely comfortable; with maximum attention paid to safety on board.

To date the product range, besides the CometCat 37 launch, consists of 3 models from 37 to 62 feet, although the appreciation of the market has shown interest in larger models.

C-Catamaran for 2017 involved Marco Amadio and one of the best Italian Fisherman Alessandro Onofaro for a new project based on C-Cat 37, the C-CAT 40 POWERFISH.


C-Catamaran for 2017 involved Marco Amadio and one of the best Italian Fisherman Alessandro Onofaro for a new project based on C-Cat 37, the C-CAT 40 POWERFISH.

Different from the C-Cat 37, NEW C-Cat 40 POWERFISH has a new bigger glass on the hull side, is longer to welcome bigger engines(up to a 150 hp), also cockpit is different with a big open area extensible to the sea by a moving platform. Around the cockpit a series of rod holder and the outrigger allow to the fisherman an equipped area worthy to a professional fishing boat.

Tuna Tower also is a typical feature of best Fisherman boat.


OSEANUS imports these C-Catamarans to Portugal, In concert with a growing network of regional C-Catamarans sales offices we offer comprehensive service, moorings and owner support. Let us build you a Catamaran you will be proud to own for years to come. References are available upon request.

Who choose C-Catamarans choose the best….. and C-Catamarans  knows how to make it !

Any C-Catamarans looks like another! Even the multiple options make every C-Catamarans to Your  C-Catamarans.

But due to complete single unit production and 100% handcraft we can customise your catamaran fully to your options.

We handle all aspects of the  C-Catamarans ownership process in Portugal, the build specification, construction oversight, delivery and commissioning, warranty and financing as needed. Custom design requests are welcome.

We will design your dream  Performance Luxury Catamaran on your own terms and specifications with most fine craftsmanship.

Component Design and projects for private clients and Performance Analysis is available.

Ask for advise, we already met a lot of extravagant wishes.

C-Catamarans High Performance Luxury Catamarans a elegant Motor or Sailing Catamaran , for pure pleasure Luxurious Mediterranean, exciting, innovative, modern, fascinating and functional Cat, breathtaking lines, while providing the unique experience that only new construction with High Tech Style, Performance and Comfort can offer.

To request information or answer your questions, schedule a demonstration Sea Trial or visit with us the  C-Catamarans shipyard in Italy near Rome , please contact us through our privacy protected contact page by phone or email for additional information:

+44 7860 915870


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