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We turned our passion into our work, we personally followeach step of the processing chain: from the concept to ship-design, from construction to the sale of the boat we make. We merge our personal sailing experience and use of sailing boats together with the “know how” of designers, technicians and artisans in order to get a high level product.



Ourongoing research for new materials and technologies tested in worldwide race areas and Atlantic Ocean crossing,

Our deep knowledge of any kind of material and our construction skills combined with our prompt decision ability have enabled us: to grow very fast during the 2000s and to face the existing crisis responding with new series of boats and with the planning of a new future market.


Within the mono hull product range, which has a great variety of models, the shipyard will focus on models over 50 feet, either carved out of stamps or customized. Our main goal for the next years is to become the number- one brand for performing catamarans both sailing and motor onesin Italy and abroad.

Our planning includes new marketing strate- gies to be applied to the existing products, to the ones under development and to the ones waiting to be carved out, yet keeping in mind our past history.


In the age of globalization we have an expansio- nist view, after conquering our national market with a large production of successfully boats for cruising and for racing achieving many victories in official regattas, wecrossed thebor- ders of in Spain, Germany, Croatia,Greece, Turkey, Israel, Malta, and China.

We are reviewing all our sales networkfocusing on qualification, opening up to markets likeNorth Europe, USA, Brazil, India, UAE.


The “S” product range is entirely builtin The “S” product range is entirely builtin Fiumicino’s shipyard with the co-operation of Studio Vallicelli, the design has been overwhelming as it combi- nes all the peculiarfeatures of cruising boats to the high performances of racing boats.

Low profiled deckhouse with large windows, open stern, vertical bow are the main unmistakable features that more than anything else lead to the victory of the most important regattas: Worlds Orc, Italian OR, Giraglia Rolex Cup, Palermo - Montecarlo, Copa del Rey, Antigua Sailing Week, for all the owners of a Comet.

Many other owners decided to cruise all over the world’s seas with the same boats.


It is the Ocean Racer product range: modern, slender and fast, able to sail in any weather condition. Five models from the 52 feet to the 125 feet have a deck that has a raised and panoramic deckhouse in order to have airy interiors, without being traditionally bulky. The performing hull is thought to be fast and safe in any weather condition; therefore the outline is modern, gritty, fast with an enviable pace wave and at the same time it is stable balanced and safe.

Besides the co-operation with Studio Vallicelli, the shipyard has relied on the advice of the most expe- rienced professionals to implement its know how for this model.

The yard Comar was the first to use fiberglass for production. Today the construction of the Comet cleverly combines high technology and craftsmanship. From the hull to the carpentry, from the flush hatches to the steel, most of the components that you will find on your Comet are homemade and made to measure. The boats produced by Comar Yachts are built in compliance with CE regulations and classified according to the regulations of the Italian Naval Register


Every single Comar Sailing Yachts  model is designed from scratch and is based on a different hull to best fit the length, the purpose and the different characteristics of this specific model. The result is a complete product range with a series of boats which are: very fast, sail efficient, safe and seaworthy, suitable for pleasure, racing or any special use.

OSEANUS imports these Comar Sailing Yachts  to Portugal, In concert with a growing network of regional Comar Sailing Yachts sales offices we offer comprehensive service, moorings and owner support. Let us build you a Sailing Yacht you will be proud to own for years to come. References are available upon request.

Who choose Comar Sailing Yachts  choose the best….. and  Comar Sailing Yachts  knows how to make it !

Any Comar Sailing Yachts looks like another! Even the multiple options make every Comar Sailing Yachts to Your Comar Sailing Yachts .

But due to complete single unit production and 100% handcraft we can customise your Sailing Yacht fully to your options.

We handle all aspects of the Comar Sailing Yachts ownership process in Portugal, the build specification, construction oversight, delivery and commissioning, warranty and financing as needed. Custom design requests are welcome.

We will design your dream  Performance Luxury Sailing Yacht on your own terms and specifications with most fine craftsmanship.

Component Design and projects for private clients and Performance Analysis is available.

Ask for advise, we already met a lot of extravagant wishes.

Comar Sailing Yachts high Performance Luxury Sailing boats a elegant Boat , for pure pleasure Luxurious Mediterranean, exciting, innovative, modern, fascinating and functional Sailing , breathtaking lines, while providing the unique experience that only new construction with High Tech Style, Performance and Comfort can offer.

To request information or answer your questions, schedule a demonstration Sea Trial or visit with us the Comar Sailing Yachts shipyard in Italy near Rome , please contact us through our privacy protected contact page by phone or email for additional information:

+44 7860 915870

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