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Unique motor boating experience to people who appreciate the Italian style and tradition of fine craftsmanship.

Comitti Classic Italian Motorboats - Mahogany and Fiberglass high performance Italian design in the incomparable La Dolce Vita style of the Northern Italian Lakes Region.

Special boats for special people who appreciate Italian style and seek a degree of exclusivity in their boating experience. Thrilling high performance designs that draw crowds to the dock and envy filled waves from passing boaters.

We have sought out the best mahogany and composite runabouts currently being produced in Italy.

These stunning boats are built beside of the beautiful shores of Lake COMO by Comitti S.p.A. for boating and lifestyle enthusiasts.

Concierge level boat design and construction - Take a step beyond the competition - Let us build one for you.

OSEANUS imports these boats to Portugal, in concert with a growing network of regional Comitti sales offices we offer comprehensive service, storage and owner support. Let us build you a boat you will be proud to own for years to come. References are available upon request.

Who choose Comitti choose the best….. and Comitti knows how to make it !

Comitti Venezia 22


Technical Data
Gasoline: Mercruiser 5.0 L
MPI 260 HP
Cruising speed: 30 kn.
Maximum speed: 38 kn.
Main sizes and technical data
Hull type: Monohedric with spray rails
Lenght overall: 6.50 mt
Beam: 2.15 mt
Draft: 0.35 mt
Passengers: 6
Fuel tank capacity: 190 lt
Dispacement: from 1.400 kg
Cat. of approval: C

Comitti Venezia 25

Technical Data
Gasoline: from 200 HP
Cruising speed: 30 kn.
Maximum speed: 47 kn.
Hull type: Monohedric with spray rails
Lenght overall: 7.50 m (7.80 m)
Beam: 2.30 m
Draft: 0.45 m
Passengers: 7
Fuel tank capacity: 280 lt
Dispacement: from 1.700 kg
Cat. of approval: C

Comitti Venezia 28

Technical Data
Gasoline from 1 x 300 Hp
Diesel from 1 x 225 Hp
speed: 37 MPH / 32 Knots
Maximum speed: 56 MPH / 49 Knots
Hull type: Monohedric with spray rails
Lenght overall: 8.70 mt / 28’0”
Beam: 2.49 mt / 8’1”
Draft: 0,45 mt / 1’6”
Passengers: 8
Fuel tank capacity: 280 lt
Dispacement: from 2.450 kg

Comitti Venezia 31

Technical Data
Gasoline from 2 x 240 HP
Diesel from 2 x 220 HP
speed: 32 MPH / 28 Knots
Maximum speed: 54 MPH / 47 Knots
Hull type: Monohedric with bottom spray rails
Lenght overall: 9.90 mt
Beam: 2.85 mt
Draft: 0.45 mt
Passengers: 8
Bed: 2
Fuel tank capacity: 400 lt
Dispacement: from 3.800 kg
Water tank: 400 lt

Comitti Venezia 34

Technical Data
Gasoline from 2 x 225 HP
Diesel from 2 x 225 HP
speed: 32 MPH / 28 Knots
Maximum speed: 55 MPH / 48 Knots
Hull type: Monohedric with bottom spray rails
Lenght overall: 10.50 m (11 m)
Beam: 2.99 m
Draft: 0.70 m
Passengers: 10
Fuel tank capacity: 500 lt
Dispacement: from 4.500 kg
Bed: 2
WC room: 1
Cat. of approval: B
Founded in 1956, from Mario Comitti, on the shore of lake of COMO, the company immediately started to building exclusive high class runabout in classic “dolcevita” style.

His son Elia, continued and starting combining the experience acquired during the race with the classic ever lasting style of this fantastic runabout rich in much clients satisfaction and with more than 600 boats produced. So much progress has been made since then.

Today the company is located in Como in a area of more over then 3500 Sqm, 2000 of which are dedicated to the production of this beautiful jewels.

We offer the finest mahogany style on GRP vacuum infusion some of the best classic Runabouts available on the international market today. Produced in lake of Como, represent the pinnacle of Italian wooden boat building tradition.

Using the finest materials and construction methods, these are boats produced for conoisseurs and purist who seek only the best.

During the last 10 year, thanks to the new management, the company realized new models, all with an high quality level and very much appreciated on the international markets. In a period of strong growth for the company in recent years it’s has been dedicated to the creation of new models, extremely high customise, full of new and impeccable quality.

The presence on the domestic and foreign markets is still growing and is a mere confirmation of the excellent work done.

Company History

In business since 1956, Comitti is the sole remaining Italian shipyard with a modern production facility and growing business building wooden runabouts. The Northern Italian tradition of fine craftsmanship and classically modern design is evident in each boat.

Comitti builds semi-custom 100% Mahogany construction runabouts in two lengths — 21 Sanremo and 25 Portofino plus the Venezia wood-fiberglass composite runabouts in 22, 25, 28, 31 and 34 feet.

The Venezia boats are available in three deck trim styles - Sport, Teak Classic and Mahogany Elegance.

New in 2010 and 2011 were the introduction of the Venezia 34 Spider and Venezia Sport line, a mid market version of the Venezia Elegance series.

New in 2014 is the Venezia Classic Teak Deck line for use in high UV/heat environments like Florida and the Caribbean. In 2015 Comitti launched the Venezia 25 and in 2016 the new Venezia 31 Twin arrives for summer.

Elia Comitti, son of founder Mario Comitti, designs these beautiful boats. Together with the management team lead by Director Raimondo Reiner, they have developed an exclusive international clientele in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


Any Comitti looks like another! Even the multiple options make every Comitti to Your Comitti. But due to complete single unit production and 100% handcraft we can customise your boat fully to your options. Extended cockpit (typical tender-version), hidden lifting strop eyes, wooden veneer on hull sides, cockpit layout (seats, U sofas), electrical hard tops, high end hifi-Systems, illumination etc….. only to list some of the possibilities.

We handle all aspects of the Comitti ownership process in Portugal, the build specification, construction oversight, delivery and commissioning, warranty and financing as needed. Custom design requests are welcome.

We will design your dream Runabout on your own terms and specifications.

Component Design and projects for private clients and Performance Analysis is available.

Ask for advise, we already met a lot of extravagant wishes.

Super Yacht Tender

Comitti runabouts make elegant yacht tenders, water sports and pure pleasure boats while providing the unique experience that only new construction in the Italian style can offer.

To request information or answer your questions, schedule a demonstration ride or visit with us to the Comitti shipyard in Italy, please contact us through our privacy protected contact page or email us :

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