Inovative Customized Modern Motor Boat Design.

New dynamic turnaround to more than 40 years of boatbuilding experience. Traditional values such as shipbuilding craftsmanship and proven Swiss quality visionary innovation to create first future-oriented motor boats.

Driving performance, cruise pleasantly a fast recreational craft settled on ergonomics, dynamics, efficiency, and latest production technology, by underwater design and production in line with the latest hydrodynamic information.

The most important tool in boatbuilding is the eye. An eye for quality, design, details and, of course, innovative functionality.

Our energetic and experienced boatbuilders find solutions to specific challenges and are happy to leave the beaten track in order to meet the highest demands with fresh innovation. Individual solutions… for your unique  GANZ!

All Ganz boats are now equipped with touchscreen boat management, developed together with Raymarine.

This system, with its various driving modes, enables easier and safer handling for the user in pre-programmed scenes, thereby relieving drivers from certain important decisions, while consistently providing useful information suitable for the situation. Optional remote access via GSM and a Wi-Fi connection enables the control of information and adjustments from a distance. In addition to this, remote diagnostics can be generated, and an emergency contact system can also be installed.

Production on water ski ultra-lightweight boats built in Epoxy-Aramid Composite provide GANZ boats being nominated for International I - NOVO ECO and TECH Awards and 2016 /2017 EUROPEAN PRODUCT DESIGN AWARD GOLD MANUFACTURE.


This is how Ganz Boats creates your personal Ovation 6.8: a stern transom that  can be hydraulically lowered, providing a convenient bathing platform, and  raised to allow for better maneuvering. Then there is the staircase from the cockpit to the bow, which together with the location of the sunbathing area  provides a deck layout with maximum freedom of movement. Furthermore the moving backrest which allowes cozy riding or an even bigger sundeck area.

Technical Data
Length: 6,80 m
Beam: 2,35 m
Weigth: 1650 kg
Engines: Diesel, Petrol
Power Selections: 270 bis 330 hp
Boat Certified Capacity : C8

Elovation 6.8

Based on the successful Ovation 6.8, a boat has been developed which meets the requirements of the Greenlakes and can easily keep up with the sailing performance of comparable models. The Elovation 6.8 is similar to its petrol or diesel-powered sister model with its open deck layout with hydraulic bathing platform, without losing comfort or driving pleasure. The modern and functional design makes the Elovation 6.8 the perfect boat for daytrips on lakes and coastal waters. Thanks to the well-designed walkways in the one deck level cockpit, which is also self-draining, you can move around freely.

In the EPOX variant, an ultra-lightweight fibre sandwich composite construction made of aramid fibres and epoxy resin with a hard foam core, you can achieve unique sailing performance with only 60 KW engine output, thanks to considerable savings in weight. Of course smaller outputs are also possible.

Technical Data

Length: 6,80 m

Beam: 2,35 m

Weigth: 900 bis 1400 kg

Propulsion:  shaft drive with Lithium tec.

Power: 6 bis 100 kW

Boat Certified Capacity : C8

The Ovation 7.6

Sail in style in the state-of-the-art Ovation 7.6. Our latest design in this popular series is an exclusive masterpiece: large, spacious, luxurious. There’s plenty of room to move around in the open cockpit, while the comfortable sundeck is the perfect place to sit back and soak up your surroundings. Fancy a quick dip to cool off a bit? Then you’ll appreciate the hydraulically operated stern plat form with integrated bathing ladd

The Ovation 7.6 Watersport: a superelegant watersportboat

Equipped with the automatic ballast and trim-system in combination with the folding tower the Ovation 7.6 Watersport is perfect for watersports as well as for relaxing hours on water.

The Volvo Forward Drive allows a perfect acceleration even with full ballast

Technical Data
Length: 7.65 m
Beam: 2,50 m
Weigth: 2300 kg
Engines: Diesel, Petrol, Hydrid
Power Selctions: 300 bis 430 hp
Boat Certified Capacity: C8
Technical Data Watersport
Length: 7,65 m
Beam: 2,50 m
Weight: 2450 kg
Ballast:  up to 700 kg
Power: 300 bis 430 PS
Drive: Volvo Penta Forward Drive
Timm: trimm system optional with automatic surf function
Tower: folding tower with downlights, speakers optional

Ovation 7.6 Open

Launch in Spring 2017

With the all new Ganz Ovation 7.6 Open you get even more space and comfort. This boat has been developed by Ganz to step into the open bow category for high class motor boats and support vessels. Key innovations from other Ganz models are complemented by additional technical refinements to offer an even more luxurious and exhilarating driving experience.

A completely hidden bimini, the flipping backrest for a bigger sun-bed or the comfortable stair to the foredeck are just a few Ganz typical advantages of this boat.

Certified for 10 persons in category C it can be a perfect tender to yachts as well as a family boat for all waters. Like all Ganz motorboats, the Ovation 7.6 Open features an electrically operated swimming platform with an integrated stainless steel ladder that makes it easy to climb aboard after a refreshing dip.

Technical Data
Length: 7,60 m
Beam; 2,50 m
Weigth: 2300 kg
Engines: Diesel, Petrol, Hybrid
Power Selections: 300 - 430 hp
Boat Certified Capacity: C10


White airy clouds sweep over the water and envelope the dock and its colorful boats. My footsteps on the wooden planks are muffled and swallowed up by the fog. Finally, I am standing in front of her – “my” Evolution 7.7: The 8 meter long boat has such an elegant form in the water. The acrylic glass hardtop and the dark hull join together into a single curved unit. I reach into my pocket and press a button on my key chain. Just as the day slowly awakens, the roof slowly opens by itself and provides a clear view of the now seaworthy boat. My heart beats faster. My day can begin now.

Technical Data

Length: 7,70 m
Beam: 2,50 m
Weight:  2700 kg
Engines: Petrol, Diesel, Hybrid
Power Selections: 350 bis 430 hp
Boat Certified Capacity: C8

Ships have been built in the Zurich city shipyard since 1972; today it is the only one still in operation. In the last years, a new generation has brought a dynamic turnaround to more than 40 years of boatbuilding experience. Ganz started to build motor boats.

Traditional values such as shipbuilding craftsmanship and proven Swiss quality have come together with visionary innovation to create first future-oriented motor boats.

Other Ganz models are already in developing phase. Constructing engineers, designers and visionary boat builders are currently developing new concepts following the maxime design follows function.


For us as experienced and enthusiastic motorboat driver, a boot should meet all requirements of a sunny day on the water – and more. The design should be individual, not a copy, and at the same time traditional – no, in fact, it should be timeless. And the functionality should never take away from the design, nor should the design influence the functionality. Oh yes, it should also be suitable for water-skis. Gradually, a variable, completely innovative design concept for a boat of this size was developed.

A great step was the lateral access to the foredeck - a clear advantage when anchoring and docking - and thus the large foredeck became an additional playground and no need to climb over the windshield.

People want to leave the water conveniently, without having to painstakingly climb over the rear relaxation area and getting everything wet, as is the case with other boats. Very well – the engine block was cleverly positioned, and there was now storage space for the water-skis near the sensational hydraulic stern flap. This made getting out of the water extremely easy – and the relaxation area, with its adjustable reclining chairs, stays dry as well. From there, you reach ground level in the cockpit. Done: through innovative functionality and a great, timeless design, a synergy had been created. A small applause and the Ovation was procreated.

Then came the driving performance: the boat should cruise pleasantly and enjoyably but also transform into a fast recreational craft. People wanted to build boats that promoted standards such as ergonomics, dynamics, efficiency, and particularly emotions to the highest degree. Applying the latest production technology, the underwater form was designed and produced in line with the latest hydrodynamic information.


With stunning walk around sundeck and fully integrated swim platform together with the cozy l bench and the double captain chair all on one deck level . A fully automatic acryl glass roof  together with automated walk able mahogany sundeck covers as well as a 12 Inch touch screen management.

Driven by an 80 KW unit from Torqeedo , appliance on a  light hull,  400 kg, skims perfectly across the water at more than 40 km/h build in vacuum method using epoxy resins and aramid fibers.

Ganz Boats has developed a control system together with the ETH Zurich that allows power units such as, for example, lighting or ventilation to turn on or off independently which thus increases operating safety and comfort. In addition, a mobile device can be used to inquire about the operating conditions at any time and to adjust the parameters accordingly. This lets you check the amount of fuel in the tank or turn on the refrigerator while you are still at home.

High- quality metallic paint. The fiberglass parts are produced in the basic colors, sanded and then primed with an epoxy primer. The surfaces are then sanded very finely and painstakingly painted using three coats and finally sealed with a clear lacquer.


Every single Ganz model is designed from scratch and is based on a different hull to best fit the length, the purpose and the different characteristics of this specific model. The result is a complete product range with a series of boats which are: very fast, fuel efficient, safe and seaworthy, suitable for pleasure, or any special use.

OSEANUS imports these  Ganz boats to Portugal, In concert with a growing network of regional  Ganz sales offices we offer comprehensive service, moorings, storage and owner support. Let us build you a Speedster you will be proud to own for years to come. References are available upon request.

Who choose Ganz choose the best….. and Ganz Knows how to make it !

Any Ganz looks like another! Even the multiple options make every Ganz to Your Ganz.


But due to complete single unit production and 100% handcraft we can customise your modern Speedster fully to your options.

We handle all aspects of the Ganz ownership process in Portugal, the build specification, construction oversight, delivery and commissioning, warranty and financing as needed. Custom design requests are welcome.

We will design your dream  Performance Luxury Modern Speedster on your own terms and specifications with most fine craftsmanship. Component Design and projects for private clients and Performance Analysis is available.

Ask for advise, we already met a lot of extravagant wishes.

Ganz high Performance Luxury Speedster a elegant Motor Boat for pure pleasure Luxurious all weather Boating, exciting, innovative, modern, fascinating and functional Pleasure Day Boat, breathtaking lines, while providing the unique experience that only new construction with High Tech Style, Performance and Comfort can offer.

To request information or answer your questions, schedule a demonstration Sea Trial or visit with us the Ganz shipyard in Swiss near Lake Zurich , please contact us through our privacy protected contact page by phone or email for additional information:

+44 7860 915870

Super Yacht Tender

GANZ High Tech Performance Luxury Speedsters make elegant yacht tenders and water sports boats of how a modern function driven designed deck layout on a motorboat should look like. The aim is to provide exiting, relaxing, comfortable but safe days on water, delivers despite its elegant lines breathtaking driving pleasure even in rough conditions. The opening stern allows easy and fast boarding. With the full freedom of movement on the one deck level and the elegant stair to the fore deck it is a perfect supporting vessel to any yacht.

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