RY Rio Yachts

RY RIO YACHTS are at the forefront of innovation: globalisation and specialization, new targets and market segmentation. Today  RY RIO YACHTS, guided by  Piergiorgio Scarani, becomes a trend for motorboats Italian Style, the prestigious interpretation of “Navigare Alto”.

From gliders to the prestigious boats made in wood, all plastic heat-formed boats, to modern cruisers in fibreglass. They have a fascinating story of a business, that in fifty years of existence, has created schooling of Italian Style world-wide.

Thanks to continued innovation and research they are always a step ahead. Each year RY RIO YACHTS launches beautiful, new, reliable, functional boats that combine high levels of performance and design. All this is possible thanks to the engineers’ and designers’ constant anxiety to create the best.


RY RIO YACHTS celebrates its 50th anniversary by unveiling the ESPERA 34, a 10-meter open boat. Despite being the youngest of the range it is the icon of the new course undertaken by RY RIO YACHTS, perfectly combining the past and the future.

The 50th anniversary and its new flagship represent a milestone for the shipyard as well as the opportunity to revel in everything the company has achieved over the last 50 years, while at the same time showing its cleas intention to design new lines for the next generations of RY RIO YACHTS: simply stated, a daring and ambiotious project of renewal and rebirth.

The name is the same as the firts wood vassel built in 1961, and forges a path for the ESPERA line; truly unique open boats of pure elegance, modern design and hight performance.
The ESPERA 34 is an important yacht, the firstborn of a range that seeks to convert itself into a trademark of luxury, creativity and innovation.

Technical Data
Lenght O.B. mt: 9,99
Beam O.B. mt: 3,40
Draft mt: 0,55
Dry weight approx Kg: 5.300
Total crew capacity N.: 12
Accomodation N.: 4
Fresh water tanks Lt.: 115
Fuel Tanks Lt.: 700
Ce boat category: B
Designer: Marino Alfani


Type: EFB
Brand: MerCruiser
Fuel Sistem: diretto common rail
Acronym: 4.5 L V6 DTS B3
Transmission: Bravo III
HP: 2 x 250 HP (2 x 186 Kw)
Top speed: 35 n
Cruising speed: 25 n
Range - Cruise: 80 l/h


The “Paranà 38” makes its debut in the summer setting the path for a new line. The name is the same as the successful wood model of the 60s.

The “Paranà 38” is a 12 meters with a sporty style and an innovative design, fully equipped, practical, with great attention to detail, that will surely become the leading model of its category. It’s been met with great enthusiasm.

The new model follows RY RIO YACHTS’ tradition of getting the balance between internal and external space perfectly right, nothing is left to chance.

The hull is white and anthracite grey. It boasts a spacious flat teak cockpit that, using an electric remote control, can be converted into either a large table or a sunbathing area, depending on the occasion. The comfortable chaise longue and the external kitchen are great finishing touches. The soft top, easily adjustable to let in the light or keep out the summer heat, combines the comfort of a sliding roof with the option of a quasi-total open top. The result is a practical covered cockpit with the line of a motor boat.

Below deck, the space is designed to please even the most demanding customer: two full beam cabins and two bathrooms, fully equipped kitchen with transformable dinette, large windows to allow maximum light, superb true Italian style details and accessories.

Tailor made for Mediterranean cruises but not only, designed to enjoy the external spaces with friends and family, created for those who appreciate quality and style, a boat with equipment of the highest standard, and last but not least, the perfect balance between quality and price.

A 38’ with an edge, for guaranteed excitement, to enjoy the sea in an exclusive, fun and practical way.

Technical Data
Length overall: mt. 12,30
Length of approval: mt. 9,98
Beam: mt. 3,65
Immersion: mt. 0,64
Empty weight: kg. 9000
Accomodation: n. 12
Fuel: lt. 780
Water tank: lt. 300
Sleeps: n. 6
Bath: n. 2
Material of construction: VTR
CE Class: categoria “B”
Designer: Marino Alfani
Project: Studio interno RIO YACHTS
Brand: Volvo Penta
Fuel system: Turbo Diesel
Type: D4 300 DPH
Power: 2×300 HP (2x223Kw)
Top Speed: 35
Cruising speed: 25,5
Range - Cruise: 70 l/h


A day boat, a pure open, Mediterranean, exciting, innovative, modern, fascinating and functional vessel, boasting low, breathtaking lines: the “Spider 40” will be all this and much more.

13 meters in length and equipped with twin inboard-outboard D4-300 engines, the “Spider 40” reflects the philosophy that has always characterized the boatyard, producing sporty, excellent, high-end yachts. The name itself is reminiscent of the sporty, fun, two-seat cars, perfect to enjoy the good season and ensure that wind-in-your-hair thrill; the very soul of the “Spider 40”, a true “Made in Italy”.

The ideal buyer of the Spider 40 is a boat-owner who is looking for an easy to use vessel, an owner who doesn’t sleep on board, but mainly stays at homes or hotels, an owner who desires a glamorous, unique vessel to enjoy the sea: a sort of “party boat” to have fun with family and friends.

Boasting sleek lines, the yacht features a spacious cockpit with a six-seat sofa, a large sunpad area and a small exterior galley equipped with fridge and gas hob. Below deck it has been fitted with four beds and a bathroom equipped with all the necessary features for a short cruise.

As always, attention has been paid to the smallest of details, finishings, materials and all requests from the owner can be customised: all in line with Rio Yacht’s philosophy.

A synthesis between excellency and Italian tradition, the “Spider 40” combines the history of a historic boat yard with 55 years of experience in the industry and the glamours, fascinating, Italian style.

Technical Data

Lenght: 13,05 m
Beam: 3,70 m
Draft: 0,64 m
Dry weight approx: 7.500 kg
Total crew capacity: 12
Fuel tanks: 780 lt
Fresh water tanks: 300 lt
Accomodation: 4+2
Nr. Bathroom: 1
CE marking: B
Designer: Alfani Marino

Turbodiesel: MerCruiser
Model: 3.0 DTI-260
Cylindres: V-6
Displacement: 3.000 c
Power: 2×268 HP (2×200 Kw)


Long 13 metres, with a width of 4 metres, it stands out for its marine worthiness, elegance and originality.
Sterndrive with power from 330 to 370 H.P. foot located joystick as an optional item.

The new POD trasmissions (Ips or Zeus) can be installed, thought considered as an unnecessary feature by the builders. It can reach a cruising speed of 28 Knots with fuel consumption at around 60/70 lt/hr and 9 hour navigation autonomy.

Excellent navigation visibility and adequate power to suit any space.
The stern located navigation bridge is large with an hydraulic hanling as an optional item for the housing and slipway tender.

The cockpit is made in teack and its “all-spacious” ( 14 square metres), furnished as on board of mega yachts with supported sofas, a chaise longue and a confortable external kitchenin glass-ceramic.
“Rio 42 Air” is suitable for expert skippers who enjoy the outdoor and hosting friends and for those demanding relax, silence and limited fuel consumptions.

Technical Data
Length f.t. mt: 13,23
Width f.t. mt: 4,00
Heigh t invaded without mt.: 3,97
Immersion mt: 0,69
Empty weight Kg: 11.200
People capacity n.: 12
Sleeps n.: 4+1
Water Lt.: 330
Fuel Lt.: 1.000
Brand: Volvo Penta
Type: EFB
Supply: Diesel
Abbreviation: D6 - 350 DP
HP certif. RINA: 2×330
Max nodes: 35′
Cruising speed: 27′


IO YACHTS celebrates the summer of 2016 with the launch of the new “COLORADO 44”. It is an important year for the boatyard from Bergamo, as it celebrates its 55 years of activity: a milestone that brings back memories of 1961, the year of RIO’s foundation, the dawn of boating, when power boats, with Chris Craft and Rolls-Royce engines, where made from mahogany by master wood craftsmen.

55 years later, many things have changed but some are still the same: the name “Colorado” was the name of the models born in the 1960s and, just as then, RY RIO YACHTS produces unique crafts, the result of extensive research, careful planning and meticulous work.

“Colorado 44” is built on the strength of its successful predecessor, “Rio 42 Air”, but completely revolutionises size, aesthetics and layout.

It is over 14 m long and can be described as a sporty hard-top, sumptuous and high-performing.

Its teak cockpit is really unique: spacious (8 m2) and completely flat with cockpit and helm station close together in order to enjoy external spaces with friends and guests. It features a large sofa, two tables (the external one becomes a sun lounger), a concealable television and a practical external kitchen with a glass-ceramic cooktop, fridge and microwave oven, separated by a concealable door that can be closed to enjoy the full benefits of the air conditioning during the hottest days, lock the craft more securely, or simply offer more privacy when enjoying a quiet dockside drink; but when open it almost disappears completely to the right, creating one large open space.

The helm station has a glass sliding roof, a side window and long side glazing that let in air and light and offer great views.

The stern platform is spacious with optional hydraulic controls to lift the tender or the jet ski.

Inside, the lounge area can be customised (with the possibility to include a laundry room, office, a second kitchen etc.), three cabins (6 beds) and two bathrooms. Panoramic windows, just above the waterline, allow in plenty of natural light.

Colorado 44 is powered by twin Cummins QSB 6.7 shaft drive engines, which offer great speed and low fuel consumption. Alternatively, for clients with specific requirements, the craft can be fitted with the sterndrive Volvo Penta D6 370.

Technical Data
Lenght: 14,11 mt
Beam: 4,05 mt
Dry weight approx. mt: 12.500 Kg
Total crew capacity: 12
Fuel tank: 1.400 l
Fresh water tank: 330 l
Accomodation: 4+2
Nr. bathroom: 2
Designer: Marino Alfani
Brand - sterndrive engine; Volvo Penta
Fuel system: Diesel
Model: IPS 500 2×370 HP
 Brand - inboard engine: Cummins
Fuel system: Diesel
Model: QSB 6.7 2×480 HP


Colorado 56 is an very bright, sporty hard top, wich can be closed and at the same time can be considerer as a true open, combining excitement and rationality.

The element characterising the new model is the curved tempered glass door with mirror finish between the cockpit and the helm station. This means the cockpit can be partially closed off, providing maximun comfort and extending the time for enjoying a really special holiday. When it is not being used, the door disappears into the weather cover, giving the look and operation of true open-top boat.

The galley is at the centre of the boat and provides a stepping stone between the inside and the outside, creating a unique, open environment. It’s an impressive kitchen, perfect to enjoy moments of pleasure and relaxation with friends and guests.

Technical Data
Lenght O.b. mt: 17,55
Beam O.b. mt: 4,65
Dry weight approx. mt: 0,76
Empty weight t.: 21,5
Total crew capacity: 16
Accomodation n.: 6
Fresch water tanks Lt.: 630
Fuel tanks Lt.: 2.250
Crew berths n.: 1
Crew toilettes: 1
Generetor Kw: 13
Air conditioned BTU: 60.000
CE Class: A
Designer: Marino Alfani


Brand: MAN
Fuel System: T. Diesel
Acronym: I6-800
Transmission: Inboard
HP: 2×800 HP (2×596 Kw)


Following the request by a prestigious US yachtsmen, the new flagship 60 GTS was born. Emphasizing its quality materials and build, combined with a sporty spirit and superior propulsion.

The new flagship boasts the same sporty lines as her predecessor, harmony of proportions and combines functionality (which is typically North American) with sumptuous materials. A pure “Made in Italy”, the 60 GTS combines quality, history, culture, style and art with American Know-How and Engineering.

She is also a tailor-made yacht that reflects the personal taste of the client, personality and uniqueness, and best described by his lifelong motto: There is no second place – FIRST is the only acceptable option.

Rio’s truly visionary and first of its kinds full glass ceiling brings light into the lower salon – as the entire Bow Seating area is tempered glass, that with its huge hull windows make this second salon as bright and airy as the top deck.

Technical Data

Lenght mt: 19,30
Beam mt: 4,75
Dry weight approx: Kg 26,000
Total crew capacity n.: 16
Fresh water tanks lt.: 3000
Serbatoio acqua lt.: 700
Berths n.: 4+1 | 6+1
Bathroom n.: 2+1
Designer Marino Alfani

The engines
Brand: CAT
Model: C 12.9
Fuel System: T.Diesel
Power: 2×1.000 HP (2×275 kw)

Brand: MAN
Model: I6 800
Fuel System: T.Diesel
Power: 2×800 HP (2×596 kw)



Technical Data
: Hull
Lengh O.b.: mt 21,72 / ft 71’3”
Beam: mt 5,30/ ft 17’5”
Dry weight approx. mt: mt 1,61 / ft 5’ 3”
Empty weight t.: Kg 35.000 / lbs 77.000
Accomodation: 16
Fuel tanks Lt.: lt 5.000/ gal.US 1.321
Fresch water tanks Lt.: lt 800 / gal.US 210
Berths n.: 8+1
Toilettes n.: 3+1
Air conditioner: BTU 100.000
Generator: Kw 23
Designer: Marino Alfani
Turbodiesel: CATERPILLAR
Model: C18
Cilindrata: 18,1 lts (1.102 in³)
Maximum Power: HP 2×1.150 (2×662 Kw)
Trasmission: In board ZF

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More about RY RIO YACHTS

For Over 50 years Rio Yachts has been a leader in the yachting world with the highest quality, innovation and customization.

Our promise is that you will have a yacht of the finest quality for the same price as our mass produced competitors. Each yacht will have the signature of its owner, thereby making each yacht unique.

RIO YACHTS is still a handcrafted vessel built with the owner’s ability to customize. Every RIO will truly be YOUR yacht, with the ability to choose interior layouts combined with your customization of interior finishes. We are not like other competitors in this class. You become the designer of your personalized “Italian Dream Yacht.”

The history of RY RIO YACHTS

From the 60’s stunning polished handcrafted mahogany cruisers enjoyed by the stars of Monaco, built in conjunction with Chris Craft and Rolls-Royce engines; to today’s industry leading yachts built only with the finest materials and custom designed for each owner in conjunction with an international design staff. From technical choices of whether the a seasoned yachtsmen prefers traditional straight shaft designs or PODS; to the best ocean going hulls - that are built to keep your family safe and secure; to interior choices of modern designs or relaxing family atmospheres.

It was 1961, the year the Italian “yacht” was born. Our company began in an era where the world’s vision of luxury was Princess Grace riding in her hand built Mahogany cruisers along the Italian Riviera, RIO was fabricating Mahogany classics, such as the Espera, Colorado, and the famous Rolls Rio, a collaboration with Rolls Royce.

The history of RIO YACHTS parallels that of the other historic brands of that era and continues to build handcrafted boats one at a time.

Our shipyard, today is located near Bergamo in a fully modernized facility, with practices still consistent with those that made our wooden boats famous.

Back in the old days RIO was known for reinforced wooden hulls, the highest standard in the industry. Today we build the strongest fiberglass hulls. We are committed to fuel efficiency without sacrificing power and speed.

Our design concepts, and Italian styling is original, developed in our studios and own shipyard, with quality control being our trademark.

RIO YACHTS began in 1961 as a dream for Dr. Luigi Scarani and that tradition and vision has been nurtured and enhanced by his son Piergiorgio, continuing the legacy of a family owned business known throughout Europe for its craftsmanship and integrity. A RIO is more than just a Yacht, it’s “Hand Crafted Italian Heritage.”

The world has changed considerably from those early days of “yachting” but one thing has remained the same: man’s passion for the sea!

Mankind has always held the notion of the sea as a place of mystery and adventure.

The boats of today, the boats built by RIO YACHTS, are stronger, safer and more fuel efficient than ever before and that notion lives on more passionately than ever.

At RIO we believe purchasing a yacht should be an experience in which every customer can express their own personal taste. Unlike our competitors, we give our clients the ability to fully CUSTOMIZE their yacht.

Our professional design team will help you choose a floor plan that meets your specific boating requirements. We offer custom fabrics from Rubelli, Donghia, and Armani, custom plumbing fixtures by Artos, kitchens by Arclinia and Antonelli marbles. From exotic woods finishes to metallic paints, granite or stainless, we fabricate each yacht individually.

Our engineers will give you power, handling, and electronic options to enhance and customize your yachting experience.

We do not have a production line in which your boat is a number. Instead, your boat has your name in the factory as our master yacht builders sweat every detail just like they did in the old days with each Mahogany classic.

Explore the options that make RIO YACHTS.

An Italian Dream

Those extraordinary 60’s: life scenarios and “dolce vita” playing on air along with the background music of the English folk bands across the Channel, fashion designers launching mini cars and mini-skirts, non-conventional models and the beat generation born on the road….Following the echo of the economic boom, great dreams are shaping up.

On their honeymoon on the French Riviera the young entrepreneur Luigi Scarani and his wife Anna see boats, visit harbours, returning home with a project: setting up family and shop (shipyard) on the banks of the Sebino lake. The intuition is correct: it’s the right time to dare! If it’s true that wisdom comes with age, proof is within RIO’s brand which was born along with the nautical concept.

“Avionautica Rio” was then founded in 1961:  building gliders and beautiful motorboats in mahogany with Chris Craft and Rolls-Royce engines along with striking names such as Colorado, Paranà, Bonito, Espera.

In the 70’s the shipyard, already a household name, perceives before others “a boat for all”, deciding to change from handcraft made to industrial, thus creating the boat in ABS, plastic heat-formed material. With a joint co-operation with Anic – Eni, an innovation and a success. Research and innovation continued with the launch of the first Jet, with co-operation from Piaggio. Among others , RIO 310 is born: a symbol of an era change, with more than  50.000 models produced.

In the following decade the shipyard RIO, opens branches in Spain, and in France, developing the division “work boats”, with over 200 patrol vessels supplying the Italian Carabinieri armed forces, by completing a shipyard’s concept at 360°.

Patrol Boats

RIO YACHTS has created a department called “Patrol boats”. For more than 20 years it has supplied various organisations, the best example being the 200 patrol boats supplied to Italian Carabinieri.

The department provides a wide range of boats devoted to coastal patrol and other uses, topping off the activity of a boatyard that has a global view of boating. Among the many civil and military units provided there are:




















ENEL 9 mt


ARPAC 11 mt

ARPAC 8 mt

ARPAS 11 mt



Every single RIO model is designed from scratch and is based on a different hull to best fit the length, the purpose and the different characteristics of this specific model. The result is a complete product range with a series of Motor yachts which are: very fast, fuel efficient, safe and seaworthy, suitable for pleasure or any special use.

OSEANUS imports these astonishing Motor Yachts from London to Portugal and others territories. In concert with a growing network of regional Rio Yachts sales offices we offer comprehensive service, moorings and owner support. Let us build your Motor Yacht you will be proud to own for years to come. References are available upon request.


Who choose  Rio Yachts choose the best….. and Rio Yachts knows how to make it !

Any Rio Yachts looks like another! Even the multiple options make every Rio Yachts To your Rio Yachts.  But due to complete single unit production and 100% handcraft we can customise your Rio Yachts fully to your options.

We handle all aspects of the  Rio Yachts ownership process in Portugal, the build specification, construction oversight, delivery and commissioning, warranty and financing as needed. Custom design requests are welcome.

We will design your dream  Luxury Motor Rio Yachts on your own terms and specifications with the most fine craftsmanship.

Component Design and projects for private clients and Performance Analysis is available.

Ask for advise, we already met a lot of extravagant wishes.


Super Yacht Tender

Some smaller models of  Rio Yachts range, make elegant Super yacht tenders, water sports and pure pleasure Luxurious day boat, a pure open, Mediterranean, exciting, innovative, modern, fascinating and functional boat, boasting low, breathtaking lines like the new stunning “Spider 40” and the best seller “Espera 34” while providing the unique experience that only Rio Yachts new construction with High Tech Style, Performance and Comfort can offer.

To request any information or answer your questions, schedule a demonstration Sea Trial or visit with us the  shipyard in Italy near the Sarnico area, please contact us through our privacy protected contact page or Contact us by phone or email for additional information:

+44 7860 915870


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