The ultimate Ribs in terms of StylePerformance and Comfort.

An absolute cruising experience along with the highest construction quality.

At Technohull everyone involved in the production process takes into constant consideration the work of other sections as a part of a line and parallel production method.Highly expertise professionals work together and focus on detail for manual craftsmanship to create what we believe an excellent sport utility rigid inflatable boat should be. An experienced Production Manager guides production teams for coordination and support.  Download Techohull presentation brochure here.

OSEANUS LTD is the sole Portuguese importer and distributor for Technohull High Performance RIBs. Technohull is a strong presence in the area of powerboats and especially in the field of rib’s (Rigid Inflatable Boats). Empowered by employees of great experience aims in the creation of top quality products, which meet the high standards of the global rib market.

Great attention is given to the construction of the boat which is accomplished by using advanced hyper-technological materials. The basis of the company’s powerboats is the maritime design, which is achieved with the help of 3D CAD program . The design of Technohull ‘s hull is based on the latest technology of steps, which have as a result, smooth flotation, high speeds, low fuel cost and the ability of using small engines.

The main goal is the total adjustment of the completed boat-engine-propellers and other parts to the needs of the owner. With all the aforementioned evidences, Technohull’s boats offer the absolute cruising experience along with the highest construction quality.


A true luxury/sport mega RIB.

A true 45 ft. vessel, designed to travel long distances, in any kind of weather conditions.

Clever to accommodate many people on the deck, useful for leisure and cruising, easy to handle, operate and move around.

Edge technology has been used in every stage on this model. From CNC prototyping to ceramic coated molds and to epoxy resins, true vacuum infusion, foam cored combined to carbon fiber production that is finally oven cured in computerized oven, characterizing this boat as one of the best made in Europe.

Technical Data
Length overall: 13,20m
Width: 3,40m
Hull: DEEPV 2ventilated steps
Displacement: 5.200kg(inc.engines)
Fuel capacity: 1.000L
Water capacity: 120L
Max engines: 2x700HP
Engine options: inboard/outboard


The ultimate compact sport cabin RIB!

Ideal for all around cruising, combining the characteristics of a true sport boat and the amenities of a far bigger boat.

Full size cockpit bulkheads.

Low profile cabin with separate head/shower room.

Low drag twin stepped hull.

Spacious V berth.

Technical Data

Length overall: 10,90m

Width: 2,95m

Hull: DEEPV 2ventilated steps

Displacement: 3.400kg

Fuel capacity: 500L

Water capacity: 150L

Max engines: 2x400HP

Engine options: inboard/outboard


Technical Data

Length overall: 10,30m

Width: 2,80m

Hull: DEEPV 2ventilated steps

Displacement: 2.600kg

Fuel capacity: 490L

Water capacity: 100L

Max engines: 2x400HP

Engine options: inboard/outboard


SV 909 is a brand new model, versatile and quite spacious for a 9 meter sport boat.

  • Encompasses a state of the art super ventilating stepped hull design
  • Provides an extremely soft riding, speed and fuel economy
  • Reduced friction over the entire working envelope of the boat
  • The high entry bow angle offers improved sea keeping at lower speeds and smooth riding at heavier seas
Technical Data
Length overall: 9,05m
Width: 3m
Hull: DEEPV 3vented steps
Displacement: 1.750kg
Fuel capacity: 450L
Water capacity: 100L
Max engines: 2x225HP
Engine options: inboard/outboard

seaDRUG 688

A multi-use economic powerboat, with fuel consumption only 0,8 lt/nm promises great duration and economy on offshore trips.

  • Comfortable deck
  • Spacious storage rooms
  • Smooth riding
  • Excellent performance
  • Top speed of 56 knots
Technical Data
Length overall: 7.20m
Width: 2,55m
Hull: DEEPV 2ventilated steps
Displacement: 1.200kg
Fuel capacity: 250L
Water capacity: 80L
Max engines: 1x250HP
Engine options: Outboard
Since 2005 when Technohull was established, we design, produce & sell luxury, high performance RIBs. Today we count a complete product mix plus 50% growth with 40% in exports. Success was the result of innovative thinking, attention to detail & hard work and we keep speeding.

Technohull designs, produces and sells luxury, high performance RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats). Established in 2005, Technohull very quickly became one of the global leaders in its sector. Success was the result of hard work, devotion, innovative thinking and design combined with exceptional quality and attention to detail. These elements are Technohull’s heart and spirit.

Each of our vessels stands out for superior performance, dynamic design and top quality materials and offers a most unique boating experience.

Technohull is a RIB manufacturer with excellent and innovative design and has been established in 2005.  In  2010, we adapted a new approach, focusing on building an efficient dealers’ network & in 2013 Technohull under a new and visionary management re-located its production facilities and welcome a very promising trend setting hull designers on board.



Deep cockpit for an absolute dry ride and safety feeling
Lightweight & durable construction for outstanding performance
Legal designation of road transportability for all models up to 10m
Spacious luxury decks with nice social areas and quite simple modern design


Superior performance is the key result of the design in every Technohull. Our boats are:

Very fast

  • Fuel efficient
  • Very safe and seaworthy
  • Suitable for pleasure
  • Long distance travelling

Clever design and solutions combine unique amenities for the size of the boats. All the right ergonomic features for a sports boat are there, to enhance and facilitate the long trips in any weather conditions.


Superior Materials

High quality materials are selected for the building and finishing the process.
Top quality gel coat colours, multiaxial fibers, high quality resins are standard in every boat. No traditional wood is used but instead high technology materials like Airex, Kevlar and other special synthetics are used for absolute longevity and maximum strength. All models are equipped with ORCA Penel Flippo 1670 tubes’ fabrics. Vacuum infusion technology, epoxy materials and of course hand laid polyester is combined in the production process of the GRP parts.

Proven processes

Following the sophisticated hull design, top quality techniques and materials apply through all required processes for building a masterpiece. True epoxy vacuum infusion lamination with special multi axial fabrics, foam cored layers, finally cured in controlled oven, ensure the absolute best process of building a super strong, very lightweight boat. Many parts are built on pure carbon fiber further reducing overall weight. At all steps of production ISO 9001:2008 standards are strictly followed.


Every single Technohull model is designed from scratch and is based on a different hull to best fit the length, the purpose and the different characteristics of this specific model. The result is a complete product range with a series of boats which are: very fast, fuel efficient, safe and seaworthy, suitable for pleasure, racing or any special use.

OSEANUS imports these Ribs to Portugal, In concert with a growing network of regional Tecnohull sales offices we offer comprehensive service, storage and owner support. Let us build you a Rib you will be proud to own for years to come. References are available upon request.

Who choose Tecnohull choose the best….. and Tecnohull knows how to make it !


Any Tecnohull looks like another! Even the multiple options make every Tecnohull to Your Tecnohull . But due to complete single unit production and 100% handcraft we can customise your Rib fully to your options.

We handle all aspects of the Tecnohull ownership process in Portugal, the build specification, construction oversight, delivery and commissioning, warranty and financing as needed. Custom design requests are welcome.
We will design your dream  Performance Luxury Rib on your own terms and specifications with most fine craftsmanship.

Component Design and projects for private clients and Performance Analysis is available.

Ask for advise, we already met a lot of extravagant wishes.

Super Yacht Tender

Tecnohull High Performance Luxury Ribs make elegant yacht tenders, water sports and pure pleasure Luxurious Ribs day boat, a pure open, Mediterranean, exciting, innovative, modern, fascinating and functional boat, boasting low, breathtaking lines, while providing the unique experience that only new construction with High Tech StylePerformance and Comfort can offer.

To request information or answer your questions, schedule a demonstration Sea Trial or visit with us the Tecnohull shipyard in Greece , please contact us through our privacy protected contact page by phone or email for additional information:

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