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Oseanus provide full Survey with local and International partners sustained  a solid knowledge in all fields of legal matters for Yacht Registration, Financing and Insurances.

Recreational Small Ships Registration.

Yacht Registration unique online Registration Management System.

Applications form, providing clients all mandatory information to make a successful EU Light Registration / Worldwide registration / MMSI Radio License request

If you considered OSEANUS as your consultant with reduced labour and working hours fees for these matters, without missing any information, please feel free to refer to On Line Registration Guide for more information regarding the registration process and the necessary documentation.

Formalities of Yacht Registration

The registry has a Technical Committee which is responsible for the registration process and the composition of crews, as well as ensuring full compliance by registered entities with the standards established in the international conventions ratified by Portugal with respect to on-board safety.

The MAR accepts registration of recreational craft with a minimum length of 7 meters and commercial yachts with a maximum capacity of 12 passengers and a length between 7 and 50 meters.

A set of various documents and information about the yacht should be sent to the MAR Technical Committee for consideration and initiation of the registration process. The number and nature of the elements to be supplied will depend on the purposes for which the yacht is intended, ie for recreational or commercial activities.

The registration process is free of any fee. The Commercial Registry Office of the International Business Center of Madeira shall be used for this purpose.

Yachts may only be definitively registered in MAR. The initial request for registration must be obtained from the Technical Commission and, in the case of commercial yachts, must be accompanied by all technical elements relating to yacht safety, in accordance with Portuguese legislation and applicable international standards.

The International society MAR may delegate to the classification societies or other entities recognized by it, the exercise of certain functions, which include inspections, recognizing the certificates issued by these entities. There are currently eight classification societies accredited in Portugal to perform their duties under the MAR:

  • Lloyd’s Register of Shipping (LRS);
  • Det Norske Veritas (DNV);
  • American Bureau of Shipping (ABS);
  • Portuguese Rinave (RINAVE);
  • Bureau Veritas (BV);
  • Italian Navale Registry (RINA); Germanischer Lloyd (GL);
  • ClassNKK.

Other classification societies may be recognized by Portugal in the future.

Other delegated powers include the definition of stability standards, bulk cargoes, on-board safety plans and other documents, such as the issuance of international certificates relating to conventions IMO and OIT.

If you considered OSEANUS as your consultant with reduced labour and working hours fees for these matters, without missing any information, please feel free to refer to MAR Registration Guide for more information regarding the registration process and the necessary documentation.


Oseanus is an Insurance Yacht Agent for all Yachts and Boats business insurance operations with one of the private relevant and reliable company Lloyd’s coverholder the Yachtsman Marine Insurance.

Oseanus collaborating with Yachtsman an existing Coverholder with offices in Dublin, London and Denia specialized in yachts as an Independent Insurance Yacht Broker according with Lloyd’s of London, the strongest insurance company in the world, is able to offering to all Oseanus yacht owners clientele the best conditions, and tailor made insurance policies through the most competitive premiums.

We offer insurance products in over 13 countries in Europe and primarily offer cover for private and pleasure use vessels with European flags , however we can also offer quotations for skipper charter vessels


The benefits of working with Oseanus throught Yachtsman are:

  • Oseanus as an Insurance Agent from Yachtsman who is a Coverholder at Lloyds, look after all aspects of the policy from issuing quotations to finalizing claims.
  • We cover all types of boats from jet skis to super yachts at very competitive premiums
  • Our quotations are issued within minutes, cover can be arranged by email or by phone and there are no forms to fill in.
  • We tailor our quotations to suit the clients, we offer third party liability from 500.000 € up to 6.500.000 € and we can offer a range of excesses if required.
  • With our dedicated claims handlers ,who work closely with the local marine industry ,we ensure a swift solution to claims, to have our mutual clients back on the water without delay.
  • We cover boats in all EU countries and our staff speak English, Spanish, French and Russian.
  • We offer policies in Spanish ,English, and German . These policies are based on local law and jurisdiction and not merely a translation of our English policy wording.
Oseanus LTD, trough is Shareholder is as a legal registered authorised Insurance Broker to Non-Life Insurances, under the Portuguese National Supervisory Authority for Insurance and Pension Funds, with regulation number: 107210817
Category : Connected Insurance Broker 1
Type: Single

Finance a Yacht or a Boat?

Interested in buying a Yacht or a Boat but unsure whether you can afford it?

Visit for helpful information about boat financing and much more.

We offer financing options for Standard and Custom Power Yachts or Sail Boats, Multi-Hulls, Ribs and Tenders.

All used boats will require a survey conducted by an Oseanus-Finance approved surveyor.

Our Finance partners are trusted names as Barclays Bank PLC and the Royal Bank of Scotland so you can be confident with the finance products we offer.

Boat financing can be a confusing topic, especially for first-time buyers. The options are much like those offered for a car or RV, but still can be very confusing; what’s good for one person might not work for a different financial situation. No matter what your bank account holds, understanding basic financing options will help you make the right choice.


Most dealers are thoroughly experienced at setting up financing, and as long as your credit is good, can often line up a competitive rate. Dealers are happy to assist in this regard because they don’t want to lose the sale, and on top of that, many depend on financing as a profit center. (Yes, they do usually get a cut). A key benefit of dealer financing is it’s a simple and quick process for you, the buyer; essentially, the dealer does all the work. In some cases the deal may also come with financing incentives such as no down payment or a low introductory interest rate.

There are disadvantages, though. Key among them is often a higher rate. Note, however, that buyers can sometimes reduce the impact of that interest rate by paying off the loan quickly—provided there’s no prepayment penalty.

We can help you with finance , we offer a number of finance packages to suit individual or business preferences.

We will find the right arrangement for you, whatever your budget, our rates are competitive, making your New Yacht or Boat affordable.

Our Yacht finance experts are legally aproved under British Finance Legislation and we can advise you on the most convenient finance options avaiable to you.  (Authorised by the Prudention Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority).

Oseanus only provide classfied information under a personal appointment, tell us for final budget to purchase a Yacht or a Boat and we will send you a quote, please contact us throught submiting Oseanus on-line application form below and we will take your application afterwards over the phone ( monday to friday 10am to 20pm) .

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